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Reens the Hedgehog
• 5/16/2015

Character page move! EXTENDED!

Hello fellow memers of the opihidia wiki. As of now the date is extented. from may 18 to june 5th of 2015. If you aren't aware, please do know this is a move that is good for the wiki. That means it can stay on its original path of being an original wiki, sonic and others will be moved to the Absolhunter251's  data base wiki.

Once a page is removed from his wiki a new replacement page takes its place. For the members of the wiki, please do make a replacement page for the character that's been moved. Please also be aware your sonic character or other page non-relating to this wiki will be deleted but all the info will be on the other wiki.

thank you! 


Sonicknucklesfan92 (founder)

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Reens the Hedgehog
• 6/29/2015

I've moved most of my sonic pages to another wiki by now ^^; I hope I haven't missed any

• 6/30/2015

yeah, mine too. lets double check we aren't missing anything 

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