Regarding users and creativity termination

Hello, fellow friend(s) as of here and now. A new rule is to be said and to save up time and character development and less dead pages. It has came to me that a lot of people joined and left or don't contribute anymore, well, I'll be removing his/her user page and even characters. Terminated from the wiki entirely. This goes to our members who use to be active, the new users/members, will not have thier page removed, until the time to have anything terminated will begin with another year. I'm only doing this to save up less dead pages and insert new pages to actually be used in any current project going on.

Thank you for your time. If you don't want a dead page removed, please explain why and it won't be terminated.

But make a commitment to being a great user, not a fake user.

- SonicKnucklesFan92 (founder)