The Ophidia Wiki is a Wiki  project that strives to provide a comprehensive repository on information related to the Creator 's dream of projects to come to life. The project(s) are Gunma and Ophidia, two worlds with adventure. The wiki is open for ideas and will want all the support it can get.

The wiki has many things to offer for everyone.


Ophidia was founded on 12 December of 2012 by SonicKnucklesFan92, who named it after an original project she had created.  But before this wiki had been created, she started since late 2011, coming up with starting a wiki that is based off her project.  It was about a year later in 2012 that she finally started to put her project into production. At first the site had made a few edits a day. Nothing much was getting done, and most of the pages lack any good information on her characters, until another year later, 2013.  She finally made the big leap of adding more pages and to "spice" up her wiki to attract viewers.  

Though... it wasn't a very good one, since it wasn't ready or not everyone's cup of tea, until  she offer a chance for one of her friends to come to her wiki and explore more with showing her project to her friend.  It was a success!  with one user it was lonelsom, but also not.

The user and the creator started a great friendship and began to expand the wiki more with new ideas. Then another user joined the wiki within 2014.  With each day passing by, new users will get to experience this grand wiki and will make the wiki even better.