Admins of the Ophidia wiki, are helpers to help expand the wiki even further. This also includes the Founder of the wiki to grant special assignments for those who become an admin. being an admin helps gives the admin acess to special specific tasks the admins must follow, constructed by the founder of the wiki. Members/Users who become admin must have certain rules to follow. Only those who are chosen can become an admin by the founder or an trusted admin that has permission by the founder to let either user become an admin.  Each admin has a specific job to do to help the founder with pages created by users.


  • User(founder): SonicKnucklesFan92  Is the founder and creator of the wiki. Certain rules are to be followed when joining the wiki and to make sure no corrupted members/users ruin the wiki for everyone and make the wiki not enjoyable.

The founder is the highest one in charge,  anything goes for each user to follow the specific pages and other media to be added.

Rules of becoming an admin (currently Disabled)

  • NOTE! Users cannot ask for adminship the moment they join the wiki.  They must also be on good terms with the founder to possibly gain acess.  However adminship is currently off until the founder sees if either can happen or not.