"One day,  You will be granted a gift that you can ever dream of and the gods will make it real."

-Aku, last words spoken to anyone before his sudden disappearance

Aku Reptilia
Aku reptilia- spirit shrine
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ophidian Village (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 7934 (He doesn't want anyone to know his age)
Physical Description
Species Reptilia

Gender Male

Height 5'2" (157 cm)

Skin Color Dark Red Yellow cream, red and red scales (whole body)

Eye Color Steel Blue
Physical Information
Tribe Reptilia Tribe (chief)
Chronological and Political information

Aku  Reptilia is an anthromorphic made up Horned Lizard and is the main member of Ophidia.  He is additionally a leader, adventurer, combatant, and bellwether of the Reptilia Tribe. Aku is a quite type, but a mentor to Marisa 's father, Rothion  and his father before him.

During his years of youthhood,  He was a young reptilia filled with adventure and stubborness but wasn't afraid of one day becoming leader like his father. However Aku has many secrets that he doesn't want anyone to find out.


Life of an aventurer

During his childhood through teens.  He was very eager to discoverying the mysteries of the newly born planet.  Like his father and great grandfather before him, he was destined to become leader of the tribe one day.  However,  Aku was a young warrior at heart and wanted to become an explorer rather than a leader.

Komodo War

The komodo war took place at the begining of Ancient Tales Of Ophidia.  The war was between the Reptilia Tribe and the Komodo Tribe.  It was for territory on where to rule.  It was until the reptilia tribe won the battle and made the komodo tribe leave their land.

Blessings from the Gods   

Breaking the balance between the Gods

Dishonoring the Reptilia tribe

Life after the war

Peace at last

Other Information

Family:  Reptilia Tribe

Personalily:  strong willed, wise

likes:  His tribe,  giving wise advice,  keeping peace

Dislikes:  The Cobra Tribe,  war,  dishonoring the gods, corruption

favorite food:  fish, berry tree

Enemies: Komodo TribeBigtooth TribeSliver the Snake God,  any who are evil

Weapon: Spear Lance

Combat Style:  Qiang style (spear) (taught by the Ophidians for many generations)

Favorite Magic:  the Projectile spell (blasts a special magic that helps him balance his skills of defense)



  • Aku is the chief and yet Rothion The Reptilia is the ruler
  • Aku wasn't aware of the snake god who granted Sliver 's wish at the time, therefore he felt though he had betrayed his own race and dishornered the Grand Shisa's word and the snake gods
  • Aku has a secret that he doesn't want anyone to know or see.  However it is going to happen sometime or another