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"What?  Why has the tribes fallen?! it can't be this way!"

- Ajruna

Arjuna- full grown
Biographical Information
Homeworld The Snake Temple now, Ophidian Village (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age unknown
Physical Description
Species Albino King Cobra (Ancient) (last of tribe)

Gender Male

Height 30

Weight immeasurable

Skin Color White, gold, and peach(whole body)

Eye Color Red
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information



Ophidia's Crisis

True king of the tribe


(under reconstruction)

Early life

(coming soon)

Other Information


Parents: Unknown

personality: unknown (freshly hatched)

likes: his parents, Alios the Water Snake, biting on small animals, being with his mother

dislikes: N/A

favorite food:  small animals, other snakes that don't belong to his tribe,  

Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Arjuna's Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Arjuna's Theme

arjuna's theme


Future Life

(coming soon)


  • Arjuna's arms haven't sprouted out yet from his body, his arms are like a baby chick wings, but once he's grown, his arms will fully open.
  • for being a fresh hatched hatchling. his height reaches the height of a full grown reptilian, when he was young.
  • He's the first born snake to  be born from his mother's womb, rather than an egg to which each hatchling starts out as.
  • his powers are the same of his father, however they are very weak until he is fully grown.
  • Arjuna's original name was shinji in some comic versions of his birth. But due to not fitting, he was renamed to arjuna.
  • arjuna's a qutie snake, unable to speak yet, but he hisses and makes an inhuman sounds to get help or want to be with his mother or father when he was young.
  • He's a special kind of snake, and the first albino to ever be within the Cobra Tribe .
  • his special power is to block others or enemies hearts from trying to stay alive or try to break someone's heart, in the  fluttering bliss of love.
  • Arjuna will become a good helper to Sliver by forgiving him
  • He can change the fate of the tribes when the time comes
  • He speaks in telepathy (during his days of being  freshly hatched)
  • He has a very fast growth rate
  • He doesn't appear in the ophidia game
  • He had a recent dramatic change from his pervious page before changing.
  • Arjuna looks like a white version of sliver, when arjuna is his own snake
  • His parents are unknown, but he is gifted