The Bearded Tribe

The bearded tribe

bearded tribe

consist of warriors,  young, old and Child. they are consider a calm bunch of bearded dragons.  

They don't like to fight,  but they won't back down if threaten.  the tribe gives off the first warning,  if the enemy doesn't flee,  then they will use their spears to stab the enemy weak points and leave them to die or run.

Early life

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Legend of the Eternal Tree

There seems to be a special tree that only grows in CapeStone Mountain. To the Bearded-dragons,  its a special tree.  the tree only grows in that area.  legend has it that the branches from the tree will bring you great health and knowledge.

When a tree branch had fallen from the tree or taken, it tells that a new new life will be born and also those who are ready to wear the branch as a sign of the bearded dragon tribe.  It also starts small just like the young ones, as the young bearded dragon grows, the tree branch does too. 

Bearded-tribe stick

Branch from the special tree in CapeStone mountain

the tree branch seems to be filled with a special magical energy force that keep its mosit apperance of full life.  There are plently of these branches for each bearded-dragon.  with a magic tree like that,  it will never die. its the longest living tree ever on  Planet Ophidia.
Bearded- tribe tree

eternal Tree of knowledge

The special branch that the bearded tribe wears is a symbol in their tribe,  a 

sign of great knowledge to pass on in the future.  The tree seems to have  leaves that the tribe wears at time.  the leaves are nice and jucy, never seem

to dry out. It also seems to heal any known sickness on Ophidia.

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