"Have at you, fat one ! we shall see who's the biggest of the bunch!"

- Benard the frog

Benard the frog
Biographical Information
Homeworld Rainforest Peak (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 48
Physical Description
Species Green Frog

Gender Male

Height 2'0" (10 cm)

Skin Color green dark white, with fellow spots(whole body)

Eye Color golden brown
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information


Peace and safety

Chief of the bearded

Other information

Green Tree Tribe

Personality:  very stubborn, competeive,  nice

likes:  Marisa the Reptilia ,  His tribe,  eating flies, keeping moist, Chief Bearded

Dislikes:  The Cobra Tribe,  fighting. losing to anyone, Komodo Tribe

favorite food:  flies, dragonflies, flies everywhere!

Enemies: Komodo TribeSliver the Snake God

Weapon: Tounge, making himself bigger

Combat Style:  Frog style

Favorite Magic: none



  • Benard is the chief of the Green Tree Tribe  even though he doesn't have the title chief.
  • He has rivarly with Chief Bearded  for some reason