"One day, we will have a lush green tree of our own to climb!" -- Chamaeleo Tribe

The Chamaeleo Tribe are a peaceful race that don't use the special technology that the Reptilia and the Cobra Tribes seem to use. They are a civilized and polite tribe that don't like the sight of war. They would rather just stay in the high trees for safety and comfort. The chamaeleo tribe are a race of tree climbers that live within the high tree tops of hightree claw.       

The tribe are located within Planet Ophidia  within HighTree Claw .  They love to hang on branches.     

Chamaeleo tribe

chamaeleo tribe


The chamaeleo tribe are based off of many different types of Chameleons of many shapes and sizes, but due to them being able to use weapons of spears are much different.  They change their colors to show what mood they are feeling.

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