chat rules

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  1. You cannot rp (roleplay) anything different, it has to be only within the world of Ophidia or Gunma, unless its conformed by the founder that its fine to rp the subject that isn't ophidia or gunma. (the member must informed the founder first, unless the member knows that the founder and the member are on good terms that they are free to rp outside of the two main worlds, without the permission of the founder)
  2. You cannot PM chat anyone else that are members or chatmods (only the founder)
  3. You cannot change the rules of the roleplay, that is aready in play.  if you don't like it, then please don't join.
  4. Do not make your character overpowered!
  5. Do NOT whine or complain for not joining the rp (roleplay) that is going on within chat, if you intrrupt the rp and the members, you'll get a fair warning. unless you know of the world and such, then find a way to jump in, don't jump in the middle of a heated battle or a discussion scene.


  1. absolutey no swearing! This is a friendly wiki and community.
  2. be nice and calm to others,  if you have a problem with the user or friend,  don't put it on main chat! it will make everyone uncomfortable or angry.  Therefore  the person will be removed without no warning given.
  3. the chat is mainly an open chat, But!  We cannot talk of any other non-related topics/politics, sexual themes, ect.  if any of that happens,  he/she will be banned or given a warning.
  4. don't be random and childish in chat if it's extremely serious, or trying to be tough, it won't get you anywhere.
  5. If you have any questions reguarding characters, world, ect. Let the founder and members know, they'll gladly explain.
  6. Don't leave and join in the chat. you will most likely become kicked or blocked from the wiki if it continues more than once. (unless they are having connection probelms, and let the founder and members know. then they'll let it slide.
  7. If you just joined, please let us know and will walk you through the ropes.
  8. We can dicuss anything that is related to the worlds that the founder created only, we cannot talk anything of real life, drama, online,  or just to get attendion,  unless its a serious matter or you wanna share it with the people you trust (death in the family, friendship lost, ect) then We'll let you know you can leave for the day or wish for some luck from the founder and the members.
  9. Do not spam!  If you spam, you will be automatically bannded from chat and this wiki.
  10.  main rule is; RESPECT and having FUN.