"The Chiefs must take action..not these children ."

- Cadeyrn

Chief Cadeyrn
Chief cadeyrn
Biographical Information
Homeworld HighTree Claw (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 62
Physical Description
Species Jackson's Chameleon

Gender Male

Height 4'7"

Skin Color dark green, with yellow markings and lime green colored belly (whole body)

Eye Color Yellow
Physical Information
Tribe Chamaeleo Tribe (Ruler)
Chronological and Political information



War Crisis

Peace at last

Other information


Chamaeleo Tribe

Kajus The Chamaeleo

allies/Likes:  Reptilia, ShortTail Tribe, keeping everyone in order Rothion The Reptilia  ,  Marisa The Reptilia  ,  Chief Bearded

enemies/Dislikes: Any who seem like a threat,  The Cobra Army,  space Travel,  seeing war, being disturbed in  bad moments, Chief Karon

Favorite Food:  worms, crickets

Personality:  serious and somewhat vain

Alignment: Good

weapon:  Horns and his stick like cane.

combat style:  very fast in hitting for someone like his age with his stick or horns

Concept and Creation


Chief cadeyrn seeks out Chiefs

His Order


clash with the other tribes


  • Cadeyrn is one of smallest compared to most of the reptiles on Planet Ophidia.  he's rather short compared to the Bearded tribe.
  • He seems to know about Sliver, but kept it to himself.
  • Although very quite and smart, he keeps most things to himself.