Chief karon, leader of the BigTooth Tribe                    

Bigtooth- tribe- leader- karon

chief karon


Name: Karon (Chief)

Tribe/Clan: The BigTooth Tribe

Age: 65

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Homeworld: Ophidia

Birthplace: Swamp Hollow

Blood type: Unknown

Species:  Saltwater Crocodile

Height: 5'2

weight: 200 lbs

Length: 30 cm

Width: 12 inches

Skin Color: Grey

Belly: golden grey


parents (left him)

Big Tooth Tribe

Likes/Allies: food, Sun Bathing, Komodo Tribe,  Gila Tribe,  his home,  Bearded Tribe

Dislikes/Enemies:  ShortTail Tribe, Bearded tribe (to an extent)

Favorite Food: Anything that taste good and catch in jaws. Fish

Perosnality: Serious, Timid,  Carefree

Alignment: Neutral


Karon seems to keep a steady pace when moving through the waters.  He seems to be good freinds with the Bearded tribe and will still bite chief-Bearded.  Karon feels that his home is always disturbed somehow,  weather someone crosses the path or land from another world within the planet.  Not much is known about the BigTooth tribe other than their massive height and large appearance and gaint mouth with rows of sharp teeth.

their young ones are somewhere within swamp Hollow,  they are well kept from harm and will grow to be strong.

Like the Gila tribe, they are mostly hidden and rarely like to leave their home.

clash with the other tribes