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"Keep your head held high my daughter .  Someday there will be peace between our tribes."

- Earthia

Earthia Reptilia is one of the rulers of the Reptilia tribe.  She is the wife to  Rothion and mother to Princess Marisa.

Earthia- redesigned
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ophidian Village (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 36
Physical Description
Species Reptilia

Gender Female

Height 5'2" (157 cm)

Skin Color Reddish Pink Yellow cream, red and blue scales (whole body)

Eye Color brown
Physical Information
Tribe Reptilia Tribe (Ruler)
Chronological and Political information

Earthia is queen to the Reptilia tribe and also was Sliver 's adopted mother before she became his love interest.

She was very wise and tells everyone to have hope in what will happen according to the Ancient Tales Of Ophidia , even in times of darkness and loss of hope.

Earthia  also has a very close friendship with the great Prince Tommy 's mother,  Priestess Catherine,  they both looked to be highly praised for their words of wisdom by the tribe, even the chief, Aku!


Earitha lived with her mother and father, in a nice quite happy life.  It wasn't until Earthia was introduced to Rothion The Reptilia , and her life was going to change  into what she always dreamed of.  As a young child,  Earthia always wanted to be come queen of planet ophidia and make the land lush with beautiful flowers and finally go with rothion her childhood friend. When she had turned 17,  she  enounter a young male by the name of sliver the snake god.  She had became friends with the little young boy and took care of him.  she and Rothion were consider a family to Sliver. a few months had past, and she found out that sliver really liked her.

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Sliver and Earthia

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Earthia and Rothion


Other Information


Husband/ Rothion The Reptilia

Daughter/ Marisa The Reptilia

Adpoted Son/ Sliver the Snake God

Personality:  very kind and warm-hearted, ready to help out any who need help

likes:  Marisa the Reptilia, her husband, looking out for others, cooking

Dislikes:  The Cobra Tribe,  losing Rothion The Reptilia, Sliver the Snake God (for what he had become)

favorite food:  barries, fruit, bread

Enemies: Komodo Tribe , Sliver the Snake God, Bigtooth Tribe , Cobra Tribe

Weapon: None

Combat Style: None

Favorite Magic:  the Projectile spell (blasts a special magic that helps her balance her skills of defense)

Music Theme

File:Ophidia of worlds- earthia's theme


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