introducing new comers and old to the wiki and main wikia in general.

This is for new and old users new to my wiki and a refresher to those who are unfimiliar with the wiki I've made.

First starting

If you are new to the wikia community in general and don't know much about it.

The wikia itself is a Wikipedia that is a web site that people can edit, add, and delete content in collaboration with others.

Making an account

When making an account to join the wiki and wikia in general you must ask yourself these questions on why you are wanting to join the wiki(OphidiaWiki) and the wikia community,  When making an account you must read the info on the wiki you are wanting to join and if its in your interest. If you like what you see then you  go to Sign Up/ create an account.  If you already a member, you just go to  User Log In and work on what you need to work on.

When making an account you must have these three things, these are:

  1. Have/Make; a Username for yourself  (This username must be something you can remember and its how everyone is going to know you as from now on in the wikia community, and every other wiki you join.)
  2. Have/Make; a Email account you use (Make sure you have an email you use for anything related to your friends or just an email you use or think its better for you.  Examples: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, ect.  Remember your email.)
  3. Have/Make; a Password for yourself (Make sure you remember your password to your account. Sometimes the wiki can have you sign out and you must log back in. Make sure your password is something you know and won't be easy for hackers to hack your account.  Do not share with friends your password. However you make your password, make sure you remember it.  If you forget, you can always change it or try to recover it.)

That's pretty much it in making an account.  We look forward to having you apart of the wiki! 

Making your page 

Your profile

Character page

Your blog


your profile page

Your character page

Meet ophidia's members

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Rules and FAQ

Ophidia's world

Gunma's world

Spreading your creativity to expand either world

Joining the websites

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