"You've come to face the test?   Every well... show me."

- Grand shisa

Grand Shisa
Grand Shisa
Biographical Information
Homeworld Wall of Shisa (Planet Ophidia)

Shrine of the gods (Shao Ming's Quest)

Date of birth Unknown

age 3,000 (existed since the time of the Snake Gods)
Physical Description
Species Shisa (Dog-Lion-Reptile, god)

Gender Male

Height 12'0

Skin Color black, tan cream,(whole body) with blue markings

Eye Color Black

Sub Species Guardian Reptile
Physical Information
Tribe Snake God, shisa(shao Ming's quest)
Chronological and Political information

Grand Shisa is the only God that isn't a Snake God.  He's known as the guardian of banishing evil and protector of good.  Legend states maybe he's the possible creator of the snake gods themselves.  But his being and origin is unknown.

He has many powers that most of the snake gods have.

He will aide you on your quest.


Grand Shisa was built when the planet began to form from the Snake Gods,  Shisa was granted the will of wisdom and good.  Unlike the snake gods,  Shisa was made from stone and has legs to jump from land to land breathing life into the animals that will live with the reptiles. He is rarely seen as a snake god, but a statue to protect those who've been cursed by evil's touch.  However grand shisa is upset that the balance of peace has been shattered.  

He sleeps within the far lands of the Wall of shisa, his shrine, where he must be awakened.  He will try to undo the turn of events if both either queen or King want this war to end.  But there's a test first,  if those are worthy...and complete his test, will have peace brought across the 7 gods. Legend has it,  Shisa granted the warm-blooded creatures self defense against the reptilain predators and gave them magic over many things.


Ophidia Crisis

Shao Ming's Quest

 Rising of the Wall of Shisa

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Blanace became shattered

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Role in the game

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Special Abilities

Fire-  He has the ability to blow fire against his oppent.

pounce-  being a lion half, he can pounce and hold his enemies down, and use his mighty roar.

mighty roar-  with the sound of his voice, will shake the ground.

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  • Shisa is to be race first when you start the game, and you later fight him to test your strength
  • He is the only God that is a warm-blooded
  • he appears in other series such as Shao Ming's world  

Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Wall of Shisa

Ophidia of worlds- Wall of Shisa

Wall of Shisa

Ophidia of worlds- Shisa's test- Test of Combat

Ophidia of worlds- Shisa's test- Test of Combat

Shisa's test- Test of combat