"Welcome to Ocean Point ,  you can go from here to the Ocean Blue Trail to Wall of Shisa by walking or swimming. " -- Hardback male

"I had a dream, I was chased by a Komodo ! Ho! ho!" - Hardback Tribe

The  Hardback Tribe are one of the tribes of Planet Ophidia to be on both sea and land.  They are a civilized Tribe that have nice nature but will defend themselves.

They are one of a few tribes that are peaceful compared to most tribes.  They are many different types of hardbacks which are a tribe of many different types of Turtles,  including sea turtles or known as Softbacks or  Bellycrawlers.

The tribe are located within Planet Ophidia  within Ocean Point and the Ocean Blue Trail  that is connected to the Wall of Shisa .  Some hardbacks live else where or try to move along very slow.


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Society and Culture


Notable Hardback


Role in the game