Kajus The Chamaeleo
Kajus The Chamaeleo
Biographical Information
Homeworld HighTree Claw (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth 11/6

age 14
Physical Description
Species; Veiled Chameleon

Gender Male

Height 1'5 (1.5 cm, 6ft)

Skin Color green Yellow green,(whole body)

Eye Color black
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information



Other information


Chief Cadeyrn

Chamaeleo Tribe

Allies: Marisa The Reptilia , Chief BeardedShortTail TribeBearded Tribe

Enemies: Komodo TribeCobra TribeLunar Tribe

Likes:  climbing on trees, stuffing his mouth full of tastey worms of all kinds, playing with marisa, being alone sometimes

dislikes: being stressed, feeling sick, being scared, surprise attacks, losing to his brothers.

favorite food:  worms (any type), crickets, 

Weapon:  Tongue, Claws,  changing into dark colors to frighten his foes

Combat Style:  Varied,   anything  to help a friend or to protect himself

Favorite Command:  The Find command  (He loves to find things that could be useful  or for food, using his claws or tongue.

friend (sidekick): Tommy The Reptilia

Special Abilities


Role in the game


Kajus's Commands


  • Kajus changes  his color depending on his mood
  • He and Snowy The Lunar are the only two tribes to become friends to Marisa The Reptilia.
  • He has a crush on Marisa despite his young age.
  • Kajus loves to go on adventures, like Snowy.