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"D-Don't worry,  i'll help you. This might sting a bit. umm.."

-  Kenneth

Kenneth Star (Pronunciation: Ken- Neth- St-ar) is a modest kind hearted young boy who always wanted to be of great help. He along side Marcus Elliot are the youngest of the Gunma Core. But nothing is going to stop him from helping the Galaxy.



Gunma (comic series)

Rilux Saga
First attack
Rilux invasion
Zantella arc

Rise of the Zentinals


Kenneth star- redesigned 2016

Kenneth Star- redesigned 2016

Personality and traits

Kenneth star is a sweet, shy and caring young boy with a heart of gold. Even under that sweet face, lies a determined medic, ready to help those in need. Kenneth is very excited over meeting new people and worlds. He is a bit on the cowardly side, and fears the worst in battle, but he rarely shows it to his friends or tries not to show it. Kenneth is very skilled in the medical field since he was high in his class at a young age and is willing to put his skills to good use in the Gunma Core. No matter the situation, Kenneth always likes to think on the positive side with a smile.

Special Abilities 

Medic skills

Fast Reflexes



Special Enhancement



Reens Maricina

Aii Vox Ze'

Willow Summers


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Gunma (Game)


Gunma Comic and anime

Other information

Likes: helping people, sea life

Dislikes: being teased, helpless

Hobby: helping service animals, helping his parents

Diet: hot dogs, steam broccoli, apples, cake

Date of birth: April 21st

Other appearances

Gunma RPG

Gunma Academy


  • Kenneth  is the first character to have a redesign, the second being Deven Artim.
  • Kenneth Star was going to be a redhead in his first concept design, but was dropped and changed in the final artwork to blond.
  • Grace  and him are great friends, Kenneth see's grace as a second mother as well as a mentor.
  • he and Marcus Elliot are at the same age, but have different birthdays.
  • Originally Kenneth was going to be in Marcus Elliot's role in terms of attitude and character before the final change, changing him to be more sweet, gernerous, and gets excited meeting new people and creatures.
  • Kenneth is the most young looking teen for his age, a baby face.
  • The creator of Kenneth, jokingly says that he and Marcus Elliot are related and are bothers, just by how simliar they look.

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