"Well you weak reptilia are always getting in my way!" -- Komodo soldier

"Oh, prince Tommy, son of Apollo The Reptilia . Its an honor to meet you,  We Komodos aren't all that bad. Please... believe me!" -- Komodo Female

Komodo tribe
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ophidia
Physical information
Tribe Komodo
Physical description
Skin color Brown, Grey, Green
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Komodus,

Cobra Tribe, Reptilia Tribe

Appearance(s) Ophidia (Game)

The  Komodo Tribe are one of the deadliest tribes in Planet Ophidia that live within Komodo Valley. Some even reside in the Graveyard.


Society and Culture


Sliver's Wrath/ darkness awakens

Presumed Evil

Slaves of the tainted


Notable Komodo

Komodus the Komodo dragon

Lilth the komodo

Role in the game


clash with the other tribes


  • the komodo tribe are very agressive, strong deadly tribe to be afraid of
  • their bite can kill and cause many problems for many ophidians or other warm-blooded creatures. which causes rapid swelling, blood clots, shooting up pain in limbs, with some symptoms lasting for several hours.
  • They will not give pity for those who enter their valley by mistake
  • They do clean their teeth, despite their bite being so venmous.
  • Their young stay wthin the walls of the valley, they are rarely seen by most warm-blooded and cold-blooded alike.
  • They really hate the echidna tribe as well of the cobra tribe. 
  • There are hardly of their tribe lurking about, ever since Komodus The Komodo Dragon betrayal of joining their enemy

music theme

Ophidia of worlds- Komodo Valley Battle theme

Ophidia of worlds- Komodo Valley Battle theme

komodo battle