"What brings you out here? You are a fool to face me (Laughs)"

- Komodus

Komodus- encounter
Biographical Information
Homeworld Komodo Valley (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age unknown
Physical Description
Species Komodo Dragon

Gender Male

Height 6'8

Weight immeasurable

Skin Color Dark green(whole body)

Eye Color Orange yellow
Physical Information
Tribe Komodo Tribe (Supreme Ruler)
Chronological and Political information

Komodus is the surpeme ruler of the Komodo Tribe and loves to take over anything he pleases.  He is ruthless and evil, hunting for sport, showing that he is to be feared upon.  He is the only main villain to almost kill most tribes. 


Ophidia's Crisis

Komodus- encounter- with text
Komodus encounters princess marisa 's father and fights him to show that he is dominace.

Sliver's Wrath

Fallen to his death?

Life after the war


Concept and Creation



Other info

Weapon: Duel Axes


His clan was wiped out by the countless wars between the Cobra Army and the Reptilia Tribe

Mother  (doesn't matter to him)

Father (doesn't matter to him)

Bothers and Sisters (Nothing to him)

Mate  Lilith (He doesn't see her anymore after the mating season,  he sees her dead due to the many wars and years later)

Tribe/clan: Komodo Tribe

Living Relatives:  Varanidae TribeOrion The Varanidae

Allies:  Bigtooth TribeCobra Tribe (Formly)

Favorite Food:  anything that he can kill for a meal

Likes:  hunting,    waiting the right moment to kill, Being the Alpha male, BigTooth Tribe

Dislikes:  Warm-bloodeds,  Bearded Tribe , ShortTail Tribe , Cobra Tribe

Alignment: Evil

Role in the game


  • Komodus has gone through many changes in development with his design
  • Komodus is rather large and exteremly fast for a reptile of his size.
  • his blades can cut through bone
  • komodus was originally going to have skin of his kills on his armor. but it was scrapped.
  • Komodus's overall apperance is based around his original concept in agressive nature.
  • his height is as tall as a human 
  • Komodus  is said to be the deadlist komodo dragon to ever live
  • his original design was based off General Scales from starfox adventures(dinosaur planet)
  • despite his cold hearted nature, he does seem to "show" some sign of a heart
  • komodus's involvement with the cobra tribe is for his own choosing, in turn he's the only tribe along side the ophidians to be a part of an oppsite tribe
  • Komodus and Sliver were enemies, but soon were allies (for a short time)
  • Komodus has 3 phases total in the game, the 3rd phase is when you finally "destroy" him
  • He falls to his "death" on the Snake Ship Galleon to a little reference to General Scales fall at the beginning of Dinosaur Planet . (for vid section, click here 6:46)
  • Komodus's chief was killed by something unknown and komodus took over after the death of his chief.

Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's theme

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's theme

komodus's theme

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's rage phase 1

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's rage phase 1

Komodus's Rage- Phase 1

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's Rage (phase 3)

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's Rage (phase 3)

Komodus's Rage (Phase 3)

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's rage Phase 2

Ophidia of worlds- Komodus's rage Phase 2

Komodus's rage- phase 2