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"Even if everything seems dark. I will keep my father 's words of wisdom close to me."

- Marissa

  Marissa Reptilia  is a  anthromorphic horned lizard that is called a reptilia . She is a future queen to her tribe for she was a gifted child. She is an adventurer, combat fighter, and able to have a special ability she has yet to master, her Magic abilities. She is gifted with a passion for loving her tribe and tribes she meets on her journey. Her quest is to find two orbs of Shisa to undo the dark event that has happened, It could make her tribe be destroyed by the evil one and awaken the real evil that  is awaiting his chance to rule ophidia.  

She will do her best to complete her task as future queen of her tribe when the day comes where she takes place as ruler and to be a warrior like her father and her mother.

Marisa is princess to Planet Ophidia. Before becoming a queen her skills must be tested to tame the evil and bring peace between the deadly tribes.

Her special ability is being entuned with people's emotions. Her ability was tested and she tamed the evil one and changed him back to the way he was.

Marisa is very determined to face the evil that appears from the depths of ophidia, protecting the planet from the evil, Dragcul.

Her main weapon is the legendary weapon the Spear Of Light (or staff) that she uses after her father becomes too weak to fight the darkness evil has upon him.


Blessed by Rajja

At birth marissa had been blessed by Rajja one of the Snake Gods to be blessed with many great talents and knowing that she was a special princess at birth. 

Ophidia's Crisis

The wrath of sliver

Dragcul rises

Becoming queen


Marissa, being a princess had it rough, for trying to prepare herself for the trials she has ahead for her and not knowing she would be married to either prince tommy or king cobra . But she knows she will rule the tribe one day and defeat evil that lurks in every corner.  she recently learns to master Magic and learns how to use fire she  was taught to control from her firey friend named Kaiyama.

Other Information


Reptilia Tribe

Chief/ Aku The Reptilia

Mother/ Earthia The Reptilia  

Father/ Rothion The Reptilia  

Childhood Friend/ Christine The Reptilia

Childhood Friend/Tommy The Reptilia

King Cobra/Sliver the Snake God (Future Husband?)

Future son: Arjuna The Cobra (real son?)

Enemies: N/A

Personality:  Kind,  Sweet,  Loving, strong Willed 

Love interest: Tommy The Reptilia, Sliver The Reptilia (Currently)

Alignment: Good



Favorite Food: anything that tastes good,  BlueBerry Pie from Cheif Bearded

Favorite Magic (spell): Projectile spell (shoots a strange magic from her hands)

Weapon: Spear Of Light

SideKick(s):  Snowy The Lunar

Peace at last


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Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Marisa's Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Marisa's Theme

Marisa's theme

Sidekicks to friends

Character Relationships


  • Marissa was going to be more agressive, rather than compassion 
  • Marissa, Christine and Tommy the Reptilia were originally going to be siblings. But was scrapped.
  • Marissa plays a special flute to Rajja the snake and she hope to be given the power of peace.
  • originally Marissa's tribal outfit was a suppost to have rattlesnake tails at the end of her dress, but was scrapped.