Ophidian Village
Ophidia screenshot- forest theme
Biographical Information
Name\ Ophidian Village

Detail Readout\ Home to the Reptilia Tribe

Map Data \ With its vast open spaces and huge temple and open land, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets

The Ophidian village  is a location on Planet Ophidia. Ophidian village is the first area you visit and where the adventure begins.


Home to the Reptilia Tribe , it is a large village with many huts like houses , filled with nice many types of flowers and fruit trees.  Ophidian Village is recognizable by its temples, forest and fruit trees.





  • Its vast homeworld is rather large and long, if you look at the background, you can see colorful birds flying across the sky
  • Its the only home that the Reptilia Tribe live in

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