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Planet Ophidia
Planet ophidia
Physical Characteristics
Class ?

Radius ?

Albedo ?

Gravity ?
Atmospheric characteristics
Escape velocity ?

Equilibrium Temperature ?

Atmosphere  ?
Hydrographics ?

Biomass  ?
Chronological and political information

Ophidia, formally known as Planet Ophidia is a large planet, inhabited by multiple tribes of many reptiles.  The climate has lush green forests, traversable volcanoes, snowy mountains, scorching deserts, Deep Swamps  and  sacrade temples and shrines.

The  planet is  held by a magic energy that is so powerful its keeping the planet stable.


List of Ophidian Locations

  • Komodo Valley  and Komodo Graveyard  -
  • CapeStone Mountain  -
  • Swamp Hollow  -
  • Lunar Skies  and  Lunar Mountain  -
  • HighTree Claw  -
  • ShortTail Village  -
  • Thorny Willow  -
  • Rainforest Peak  -
  • Wall of Shisa  -
  • Spirit Shrine  -
  • Snake Temple   -
  • The Fire Temple  -   
  • Ocean Blue Trail  -
  • Varanidae Canyon  -
  • Flamming Rock  -



  • Planet Ophidia is a planet with many lands and temples
  • the planet has the The Fire Temple and The Ice Temple
  • ophidia and the gunma are the same universe but different timelines
  • Ophidia's map is the oddest planet to be since the volcano is sticking out from the planet