Rajja's Flute

Rajja's flute artwork 1

Rajja's flute artwork

Legend has it that rajja's Flute can summon him and bring peace.  So far The Legends are true.  Rajja's flute is real.  It can summon him  only within the snake temple of Sanctuary Gardens will he be at.

Rajja's fulte is the first of its kind to summon a snake god.  Unlike the other snake gods, they don't need a special summoning, but a prayer.




  • Rajja's flute has snake like shape to it
  • the flute plays a special medley that sounds like Rajja's test and theme.
  • Its the only flute that is shaped like Rajja himself

Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Rajja's Flute theme

Ophidia of worlds- Rajja's Flute theme

rajja's flute