"I'm lucky to be alive than dead.  I praise the mighty Snake Gods  and Grand Shisa,  But I'm very happy to see you are alive as well." -- Reptilia soldier

"Oh, princess Marisa, daughter of Rothion The Reptilia. Its an honor to meet you,  i hope you are ready one day for your lovely wedding.  I am looking forward to it." -- Reptilia Female

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Skin Color Red, cream,(whole body)
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Tribe Reptilia
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The Reptilia Tribe are one of the two ruling tribes of Planet Ophidia along with the Cobra Tribe.  They are a civilized Tribe that worshships the mighty Snake Gods, and seeks peace between each tribe.  

They seem to have built the temples as stated in the Writings of time,  or looked to the Snake Gods for the mind and will to become a good and stable tribe.  Their origins and total being is shrouded in mystery.

The tribe are located within Planet Ophidia  within Ophidian Village.  Some tribes looked to the Reptilia as the bringers of life rather than the snake gods, since the reptilia themselves are a peaceful tribe and are high in power, but won't hesitate to protect themselves and others.      


They have an interesting appearance of what seems to be very strange reptile, that has their scale like drelocks that resemble of a Cobra's hood, and seems to be very capable of handling snake bites from their seem to be thick skin.  They resemable a special hybrid.    

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