"I will always love you,  Marisa .  Be strong and never succumb to fear,  you have a strong heart..." 

-- Rothion

Rothion is an anthromorphic reptile that is the leader of the Reptilia Tribe after Aku left for an unknown reason.

Rothion the reptilia- redesigned
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ophidian Village (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 39
Physical Description
Species Reptilia

Gender Male

Height 5'11" (80 cm)

Skin Color Dark Red grey cream,(whole body)

Eye Color Blue
Physical Information
Tribe Reptilia Tribe (Ruler)
Chronological and Political information


Through Rothion's life he was always the quite type after the death of  his parents. Many years had past since the death of his parents who were both in their years of old when he was a mid-teens (17 years old).  He then took his Father's place as the next king of the reptilia tribe on Planet Ophidia. At first he didn't want to take that full responsibility, when he was a young teen, but after seeing his Father and Mother pass away from old age,  he finally took the full responsibility and wanted to go with the girl of his interest. Earthia The Reptilia , to be his beloved wife and queen.  He and earthia met one another as children when their parents chose them to be married and becoming king and queen when they were both full grown.

as Rothion grew older,  he had made a close friendship with the Bearded tribe and saw The Other Tribes  were going to forge a war against one another,  but thanks to Chief Bearded ,  peace was made for each tribe.   But  war still occurr from time to time.

One day,  Rothion found a lost  strange boy,  who seem to be alone.  With his kind heart,  he took the boy  into his care and taught him the ropes of life and even taught him how to fight. 

Through out his life.  Rothion  seem to be a father to sliver the snake god. But  Rothion didn't seem notice that Sliver was growing feelings for Earthia, when he was growing up. the day had come, and  Rothion knew that he was ready to take  her hand in marriage,  but he didn't know it would break Sliver's cold-blooded heart.

"How could you?! I hate you!" Cried Sliver in anger towards Rothion. Rothion could hear the broken heart from Sliver and wanted to apologize, but sliver showed  no mercy of accepting it and ran off into the abyss of the dark woods.  Rothion felt bad for hurting the young  snake's  heart.

10 years had past since he asked Earthia,  who was very happy with Rothion. He and her were blessed with a beautiful baby girl,  and were ready to be king and queen.  When all of sudden a surprise attack happened and rothion saw the cobra tribe appear, wanting to take over.

Other information

Family: Mother/ not named (deceased from old age)

Father/ not named (deceased from old age)

wife/ Earthia The Reptilia

Daughter/ Marisa The Reptilia

Personality:  very qutie, but is very overly protective of his daughter. loving and caring.

likes:  Marissa the Reptilia,  His tribe,  his wife.  Taking care of Sliver, Chief Bearded

Dislikes:  The Cobra Tribe,  fighting. losing his wife and child, Komodo Tribe

favorite food:  fish and strew, barries

Enemies: Komodo TribeSliver the Snake God

Weapon: Spear Of Light

Combat Style:  Qiang style (spear) (taught by the Ophidians for many generations)

Favorite Magic:  the Projectile spell (blasts a special magic that helps him balance his skills of defense)

War against all Tribes

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Sliver (King cobra) and Rothion

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The Snake God's Wrath

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Life after the war

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Peace at last


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Music Theme


  • Rothion and Apollo are both greek names
  •  When growing up he was very silent
  • He found King Cobra (sliver) as a young hatchling and took him in
  • He's very protective  over Marisa ever since she was attacked twice by the supposed evil tribe; Cobra Tribe
  • He seems to worry but doesn't show it
  • Rothion doesn't seem to mention Aku The Reptilia, but he knows of him
  • Rothion has a kind heart
  • before the whole betryal with sliver, Chief Cadeyrn forwarned rothion of sliver who has an evil heart and shows no sign of compassion. (this was many years before sliver was growing and  grew close to earthia)