Hello, welcome to the rules page.  this will help you understand the rules and policies of this wiki.

Rules of knowing the wiki

  1. Before you make/create your profile, go to the FAQ first. If your going to add or make your character please contact the Founder on information about your character by entering the chatroom or by wall page.
  2. If you want help on making your page look clean and professional, and add an infobox to your character, go here to the Tutorial.  If you want helpful tips on making a character, you can go here to this instruction page
  3. Once you added or made your character's page, you must let the founder know so your page can be portected and only you and those who are apart of this site... only edit it.
  4. if you want to know rules of roleplaying and chat rules , read them and remeber them well.
  5. Have fun entering and leaving this wiki for everyone will have a blast!

Rules of the Wiki

  1. Do not post anything you want!  you have to run by the members and the founder, first. Or by the rules itself, it goes towards characters non relating or pages that are not even related to the wiki.
  2. You cannot swear on chat or pages or anywhere else!  this is a friendly community.  In Roleplay's  its somewhat okay but don't use it fequently. (mainly for humans)
  3. You can ask us any questions on the wiki that is related to the wiki
  4. Outside people are alright to look at the wiki.  If they want to join, they can. However! they cannot force members to see bad sites or ads.
  5. No complaining in chat or Wall pages, we don't want to cause any problems.
  6. come as much as you can,  things are updated everyday
  7. Do not spam! you will be blocked
  8. Do not start any fights on chat or on pages, if any are to happen, the user is given a warning by the owner
  9. Do not comment on character pages! we have wall page for that for conversations. however if its for character liking then go right ahead.