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"I am Saka!  Im a ShortTail!"

-  Saka


Shorttail-tribe- brothers- saska alone

saka artwork

Name: Saka

Tribe/Clan: ShortTail Tribe            

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Homeworld: Planet Ophidia

Birthplace: ShortTail Village

Blood type:  Unknown

Speices: Chinese water dragon

Height: 2' ft

Weight: 18 lbs

Skin Color: blue of multi color

Belly: dark blue

Markings: brownish gold


Leader/ Damos

Parents (doesn't remember them)

Brother: Suki ShortTail

favorite food:  Scarabs


Befriending the Cobra Tribe


Art Gallery

Music Theme


  • Being the brother of Suki ShortTail,  he loves to fight with him when it comes to Scarabs.
  • He's a bit bigger when he grows up
  • He and his brother seem insepraterble
  • They call Marisa The Reptilia  princess, even though she's queen
  • Saka seems to not be one for fighting but just seems to want to eat as many Scarabs he can consumed