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"You .  Your the one who stopped our attack.  you will regret this!"

- Scales the cobra

Scales the cobra- first encounter
Biographical Information
Homeworld The Snake Temple (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 230
Physical Description
Species King cobra

Gender Male

Height 5'6" (70 cm)

Skin Color charcoal black grey,(whole body)

Eye Color orange/yellow
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information

Scales the cobra is the second leader of the cobra tribe and rides his trusty Snake Ship Galleon.  

Along with Scar The Cobra and Komodus The Komodo Dragon they seek to take the orbs and become gods themselves and to capture the princess for Sliver the Snake God. Scales himself wants to find the power that made Dragcul such a  threat that not even the snake gods could stop,  so he can find the power himself and even outmatch Sliver .


Other Information


Fellow cobras

Blood  realatives: Snake Soldier

Scale color: Charcoal black

Belly color: Grey

eye color: firered

Personality: agressive, strict, loyal

likes:  Marisa the Reptilia,  His tribe,  Komodus The Komodo Dragon

Dislikes: Lunar TribeBigtooth TribeChief Bearded, any other tribe that stands in his way

favorite food: anything that he can consume

Enemies: all warm-blooded creatures, Rothion The Reptilia

Combat Style: Striking, constricting, Spear Lance


special ability


Role in the game

Art Gallery


  • Scales has a thick hide that is extermly durable.
  • He seems to share a strong bond with Alios the Water Snake.
  • He's very good at piloting the Snake Ship Galleon
  • scales has a hard time to keep his anger under control at times
  • he loves to threaten his foes even the non violent.
  • Scales is a bit of a hard snake to make fun of.
  • He's sligthly based off General Scales from Starfox adventures/ dinosaur Planet.
  • Scales's voice actor would be John Silke  who also voiced General Scales in StarFox Adventures.
  • Scales is easily tempermental

Music theme

Ophidia of worlds- Scales the Cobra's Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Scales the Cobra's Theme

Scales's theme