"I am to be king, i am the perfect leader for this tribe!"


Scar the cobra- remastered
Biographical Information
Homeworld The Snake Temple (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 46 (currently)
Physical Description
Species Cobra

Gender Male Height 6'0" (60 cm)

Skin Color Emerald and pine green(whole body)

Eye Color Yellow
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information
Affiliation Cobra Tribe, Scales The Cobra,

Appearance(s) Ophidia (Game)

Scar cobra is the leader of the Cobra Tribe before the ancient one took his throne.


Other information


King Cobra/Sliver the Snake God 

queen: Marisa The Reptilia

Snake Soldiers (Blood relatives)

Rank: Commander

Allies: Cobra Tribe, Komodo Tribe (From time to time)

Enemies: N/A

Personality:  Cold, slefish, slef-centered,  

Love interest:  Snake females

Current Residence: The Snake Temple  (formly)

Alignment: Evil

likes:  to show his rank,  wanting to overthrow sliver to show that  he's far better than any snake

Dislikes: being a coward, losing in battle, not able to face sliver himself

Favorite Food: anything that tastes good

Favorite Magic (spell): none Weapon: Spear lance, striking

combat style:  Snake warrior


desire for the throne

Role in the game



  • Scar looks to be leader of the Cobra Tribe, and wants to rule, what he doesn't understand is how King Cobra got power
  • He is the only known cobra to have obtain the technology that the stars have given him
  • Scar is ready to unleash terror when he has a chance.