"Welcome!  Please! Please do take time to relax.  The Sabaku desert is mighty dangerous."

- Pillow

Pillow is a kind sloth bear who loves to meet new visitors from other tribes. 

Pillow the sloth bear
Biographical Information
Homeworld Planet Ophidia

Date of birth unknown

age 60

Birthplace: Unknown

Current Residence: Sabaku Resort
Physical Description
Species Sloth Bear

Gender Male

Height 7'8

Skin Color Black and tan brown, with white (whole body)

Eye Color dark brown
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information

Other info


All the tribes he meets

allies: Many different tribes, The ShopKeeperTommy The ReptiliaMarisa The ReptiliaSnowy The LunarKajus The Chamaeleo

Likes:  likes to greet new faces, bear hugs, being very gentle, his home

Favorite food:  anything he can find.

Weapon:  Claws, Teeth

Combat style: The Bear (He stands on his hin legs and lets out a mighty roar, waving his arms, to make himself look bigger)


Role in the game

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