Snake Ship Galleon
Snake ship armada- main ship
Biographical Information
Manufacturer Cobra Tribe?
Technical specifications
Power plant

heat cannons

Hull metal

Armament Twin Fire Cannons Propeller Tail Blades Prow Cannon

Crew Scales The Cobra Cobra Tribe Scar The Cobra

Komodus The Komodo Dragon



Cobra Tribe

Ophidia (Game)


skies of Planet Ophidia

The Snake ship Galleon  is piloted by Scales The Cobra, and Scar The Cobra, and is the final place where you  fight Komodus The Komodo Dragon.


This living ship carries the very tribe, of the Cobra Tribe that holds the Snake Soldiers.  It the first boss in the game that you play as Marisa The Reptilia's, father Rothion The Reptilia to protect your tribe from its raid.

The battle is qutie interesting,  you first attack its back by using your jumping ability and then summon the spear and attack it.  After its back tail is destroyed you land on the ground and must evade its fire ball attack before shooting the head.  Once the head is damaged,  it goes to a cutscene where the armad goes in for a strike, but  you jump over it and  blow a special flute or call that summons a special bird to aid you in battle.  Once you you are on the bird,   the fight changes to a cinimatic like angle where you must destroy its side cannons from hitting you,  you move the bird

Other information

name: Snake Galleon

type: air ship (Galleon)

Height:  Massive

Weight: Massive

Length: Massive 

Weaponry:  Fireballs, laser, homing laser from back spikes, massive fire rocks (from mouth)

its hard armor is thick enough to withstand 100 mph of gun fire for a good while until its shields start to fail. It can steer through harsh weather with ease.

Weakness:  critical damage, lost of power, magic, neck, eyes

role in the game

Final Battle


Music Theme


  • The Snake Ship Galleon is the only snake ship that seems to be  used to travel through the world as well of used for defense.
  • It seems to be piloted by Scales The Cobra and Scar The Cobra
  • The ship is very big compared to Quetzalcoatl The Winged Serpent
  • How it came into the cobra's poscession is unknown, however it could of be the one from the stars who gave them it

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