"Look marisa !  I learned a new command while we were gone."

- Snowy

Snowy Lunar
Snowy the lunar
Biographical Information
Homeworld Lunar Skies (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth Dec 1st

age 10 (currently)
Physical Description
Species Barn Owl

Gender Female

Height 2'3" (10 cm)

Skin Color Tan and white(whole body)

Eye Color Blue
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information



Princess has become queen

War between warm and cold- blooded

Ophidia Crisis

Other information


mother/ Fyra

father/ Sauron

brother and sisters (too many to name)

Brother  SnowBall (youngest)

Best friends Tommy The ReptiliaMarisa The ReptiliaChristine The Reptilia

Allies  Chief BeardedLunar TribeShortTail TribeKajus The Chamaeleo

Enemies: Komodo TribeCobra Tribe

Likes: flying to the hightest level,  hanging out with Maisa, playing with the ShortTribe Brothers Suki and Saka, doing what she wants to do

dislikes: her father, the snakes guards for their stinky breath, getting in trouble, being afraid of a small cricket

Weapon  her sharp beak, talons (claws)

Combat Style  swooping attacks, dive bombs

favorite food  mice, small reptiles, rats, little frogs, yummy insects

Favorite command: Distract command (she loves to distract her foes to help her friends slip by)

friend (sidekick): Marisa The Reptilia

Special Abilites


Role in the game

Snowy's commands


Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds - Snowy's Theme

Ophidia of worlds - Snowy's Theme

snowy's theme


  • Snowy  is by far the only tribe in her clan  to be friends with the Reptilia Tribe
  • Snowy loves to visit many places, regarless of the weather.
  • Snowy wants to prove she can be tough
  • Snowy and Tommy The Reptilia both have a younger sibling that are going to be warriors
  • She doesn't like to eat hot food, but she likes the fact she can burn those Snake Soldiers.