"I'm suki!  i'm a shorttail!"

- suki

Shorttail-tribe- brothers- suki alone

suki artwork



Name: Suki ShortTail

Tribe/Clan: ShortTail Tribe

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Planet Ophidia

Blood type: Unknown

Species: Collared lizard

Height: 2'  ft

Weight: 12

skin color: multi Colored

Belly: white grey

Markings: Multi spots/ stripes color


Leader/ Damos

Parents (doesn't remember them)

Brother: Saka ShortTail

ShortTail Tribe

Allies/Likes: His brother Saka, finding treasure, jumping on trees, scurrying around, Bearded Tribe,  Echidnas

Enemies/Dislikes: Being Scared,  saka gone,  no food,  Komodo Tribe,  BigTooth Tribe,

Favorite Food:  anything of insects, worms, and scarabs

perosnality: curious,  loving, somewhat stubborn

suki is never without his Brother, Saka which makes them the ShortTail brothers.  They seem to be never apart unless one disagrees with one another. Suki loves to go hunting for anything he can find within the abandon houses Marsa's tribe lived in before the race was wiped out.  Suki's favorite scarab is  what he calls Chewy.  suki also loves to hang around the sleeping BigTooth Tribe, and play with the Hatchling Crocodiles.

Early life

Clash with the other tribes

music theme

Ophidia of worlds- the ShortTail Bros

Ophidia of worlds- the ShortTail Bros

shorttail bros. theme


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