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Swamp Hollow
Biographical Information
Name\ Swamp Hollow

Detail Readout\ Home to the Bigtooth Tribe

Map Data \ With its vast open spaces and huge temple and open land, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets

The Swamp Hollow  is a location on Planet Ophidia. Swamp hollow is the first area you visit the Bigtooth Tribe


Home to the Bigtooth Tribe , it is a large village with many huts like houses , filled with nice many types of flowers and fruit trees.  Swamp Hollow is recognizable by its swampy water, forest and fruit trees.




  • swamp hollow is a murky enviorniment

Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Swamp Hollow

Ophidia of worlds- Swamp Hollow

swamp hollow