Fire Temple
The fire temple-marsa enters
Biographical Information
Name\ Fire temple

Detail Readout\ a second Home to the Snake Gods and others who are lost

Map Data \ With its vast open spaces and huge temple and open land, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets

The  Fire Temple  is a location on Planet Ophidia. The Fire temple is a special area you visit and where you obtain the Teleport Orb and a magic upgrade.


 It is a large temple and shrine with many corridors and puzzle's to solve.  The Fire temple is recognizable by its temples, and shrines and scorching flames leading to a treasure and something more.



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Ophidia of worlds- The Fire Temple

Ophidia of worlds- The Fire Temple

the fire temple

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  • The fire temple is within the Sabaku Resort  where you'll find the first orb of shisa, the Teleport Orb.  Once you've obtain it, the snake god will inform you to obtain the other and face the next test.
  • Marisa and tommy go through different parts of the temple
  • the music composed by the creaator is suppost to sound very closely to David Wise's work on Starfox Adveentures/ Dinosaur Planet