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"you'll have to give me something special and you can have this, for a price." 


The ShopKeeper or known as Willow, is a happy traveling rihno iguana who goes from place to place, helping either tribe with supplies.

Willow (The ShopKeeper)
Willow the shopkeeper
Biographical Information
Homeworld Thorny Willow(Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 30
Physical Description
Species Rhino Iguana

Gender Male

Height 6'6" (70 cm)

Skin Color grey brown blue,(whole body)

Eye Color Blue
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information


Willow or known as the shopkeeper to everyone lives deep within the jungle like forest where the Thorny Willow land is located.  Wandering friends alike visit the thorny willow to stock up if food has grown scarce.  Most Iguanaians like to  keep to themselves but don't mind getting along with everyone.  Willow himself is a strange Iguana who seems to enjoy collecting odd items that in return  he gives something useful in return.  

Other Information


Igua Tribe

allies: Chamaeleo TribeReptilia TribeShortTail Tribe

Likes:  to sell thngs to wandering allies.  he loves to collect things that seem rare.

runs: Thorny Willow Store

Favorite food:  anything he can find.

Current Residence:  He travels, so he doesn't mainly stay anywhere

Weapon:  none

Role in the Game


 Items he sells

FireFly Lantern -  He has a special lantern that is helpful, item that is to light your way through dark caves and temples.  how to get it, you must have Scarab coins. (cost of coins- 10 Scarab coins)

Maps -  He sells Many maps that will be helpful on your journey, when you enter a new place.  (costs 5 scarab coins)

Eternal Tree leaves bag -  he sells a bag full of Enternal Tree leaves that is useful for bringing either player back from death.  its a rare item that is hard to come by.  (costs 10 Scarab coins) 

Food - He sells a special food that is very filling to the Reptilia Tribe and even has food for the Sidekicks, Snowy The Lunar and Kajus The Chamaeleo (But you can find the food anywhere within Planet Ophidia for your sidekick(s) )  (Costs 5 Scarab coins)

Warm Hide - He has a special made warm hide of an animal's fur to help keep wandering travellers warm when traveling to Lunar Skies,  its very handy to keep when traveling, don't know when you  could use it. (Costs 20 scarab coins) 

Places of Travel

Thorny Willow

Sabaku Resort

ShortTail Village

Rainforest Peak

Komodo Valley

Lunar Skies

HighTree Claw

Varanidae Canyon

Ocean Point

Sabaku Desert

Sabaku Drift

Life after the war

Peace at last

Shao Ming's Quest

Items sold



  • Willow is the only ally that will appear for both Marisa The Reptilia and Tommy The Reptilia.
  • He loves to stock up on supplies on long travels
  • Willow is a kind-hearted Rhino Iguana
  • give him Scarab Coins,  and he'll pay you good
  • his shop is mainly within Thorny Willow,  however he has a tent  area he sets up, when traveling.  He'll let you know when he's done setting up or you leave somewhere, he'll  have it set up for you.
  • he seems to be a nice ally to the team and loves to call both tommy and marisa by their title names,  Prince and Princess 
  • He feels like some area are dangerous which is why he doesn't go near a few places within the game

Music Theme

Ophidia of worlds- Willow's Store

Ophidia of worlds- Willow's Store

Willow's Store

Ophidia of worlds- Willow's travel

Ophidia of worlds- Willow's travel

Willow's Travel