"I'm looking for the princess , have you seen her?!" 


Ophiidia screenshot- tommy's journey
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ophidian Village (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 23
Physical Description
Species Reptilia

Gender Male

Height 5'5" (40 cm)

Skin Color Dark Red grey cream,(whole body)

Eye Color Blue
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information
  Tommy the Reptilia. He is a reptilia prince and next to be future king of Planet Ophidia.  He is a skilled fighter and knows a few good skills.


Blessed by Rajja

Ophidia's Crisis


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Other information


Mother/ Catherine The Reptilia

Father/ Apollo The Reptilia

younger brother/ Timmy The Reptilia

childhood friend: Christine The Reptilia

childhood friend: Marisa The Reptilia

Personality:  very qutie

likes:  Marisa the Reptilia,  His tribe,  Chief Bearded

Dislikes:  The Cobra Tribe,  fighting. losing those he cares about, Komodo Tribe

favorite food:  fish and strew, barries

Love interest: Anaia the Reptilia

Enemies: Komodo TribeSliver the Snake God

Weapon: Light Boomerangs

Combat Style:  Qiang style (spear) (taught by the Ophidians for many generations), Flying Wind (taught by the lunars for generations)

Favorite Magic:  the Projectile spell (blasts a special magic that helps him balance his skills of defense)

Sidekick(s): Kajus The Chamaeleo

The Snake God's Wrath

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Life after the war

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Peace at last



  • tommy tries to prove he's not afraid of anything
  • he's the only last one alive of the ophidina tribe besides, Marisa The Reptilia .
  • tommy is surprisingly the oldest amoungst Marisa and Christine The Reptilia  in terms of age.
  • He doesn't like war
  • He looks to have left the Reptilia tribe for an unknown reason, like Aku The Reptilia
  • he feels guilty for making rothion upset with almost losing marisa
  • Tommy is ready to prove himself worthy.