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"Hm... Your Lucky to have surivied our blood relatives. Unlike them, We are bit more...docile" -- Varanidae Tribe

"Don't make us, upset.  Unlike him .  we aren't as blood thirsty. You best keep things to yourself!" -- Varanidae Warrior

The  Varanidae Tribe are one of the tribes of Planet Ophidia along with the Komodo Tribe to be related.  They are a civilized Tribe that have a docile like nature, but still won't hesitate to kill their enemies for food. 

They are one of a few tribes not to be messed with, like their blood relatives, They use their bite or weapons to take out their prey.

The tribe are located within Planet Ophidia  within Varanidae Canyon .  Some tribes looked to the Varanidae as a way of keeping balance or no balance at all.      


There are many of different types of the varanidae, so good luck trying to figure them all out, all 73 species.

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