Wall of Shisa
Wall of shisa- artwork
Biographical Information
Name\ Wall of shisa

Detail Readout\ Home to the Grand Shisa

Map Data \ With its vast open spaces and huge temple and open land, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets

The Wall of Shisa'  'is a location on Planet Ophidia. Wall of shisa is the location after obtaining the Shisa's Teleport Orb in The Fire Temple. Once encountering shisa himself, in order to challenge him, you must also obtain the Shisa's Save Orb from  The Ice Temple. which is where he shall open the gateway for you to enter the ice temple to get it.


Home to the Grand Shisa  , it is a large open area with many statues and pillars. Wall of shisa is recognizable by its temples, forest and symbols.




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